Save the Planet one Tree at a time with CharityTree

Plant Trees from the comfort of our home by using our extension to decrease your CO2 footprint

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How to use CharityTree features.

Collect trees by shopping or using online services and we plant them with our partners for you.

Partner indication.

Find shops that help work with us.

When you search for products, services or online stores we will indicate the ones that work with us, so each of your purchases will let your tree grow until it is ready for planting.

Set and forget.

Manual or automatic tree collection possible.

You can decide if you want to activate the tree collection manually true our activation button or use the full auto mode where our extension will automatically activate the tree collection with our partners.

What We do

You do the shopping we do the planting this is how we plant trees for you.


Tree collection

While you do your online shopping we collect funds from our shop partners and full up your tree.


Our Planting Partners

Each tree you collect will then be planted b our planting partners all around the world.



We will let you know in what region of the earth your tree was planted.


Your CO2 footprint

Your and our actions will reduce vour CO2 footprint and make the world a better place for generations.